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Porcelain, Jewellery, Lacquer, Silver, Tapestries, Furniture and Paintings

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The British East India Company was formed in 1600 to trade in the Indian Ocean region, Mughal India, the East Indies and later with Qing China.

Throughout the 1600s its ships, also those of Portugal, the Netherlands, France and Spain increasingly returned to Europe carrying traded merchandise which caused a sensation amongst much of its nobility and fast-developing bourgeoisie.

This merchandise included porcelain, pottery, silver, metal wear, bronze, lacquer work, jewellery, furniture, paintings, sculpture and gemstones. Original items belonging to all of these categories, also those European works of art which were influenced by them are an important focus of the sales in this series.

Ongoing studies and new research

Most of the decorative arts in Europe were influenced by the arrival of this exotica, and even today when so many of these influences remain obvious to us, some surprisingly, can still go unnoticed. Ongoing studies and new research are therefore still essential if we are to continue to grow our appreciation of the items themselves, and the exciting fusions of cultures and movements of people they reflect. The Magellan Centre supports this type of research and where possible, makes available lots in its sales to approved students and academics who are carrying out such work.

The categories of items which may be entered into these sales

European and Asian porcelain, pottery, silver, metal wear, bronze, lacquer work, jewellery, paintings, sculpture, tapestries, furniture, clocks, glass, books and prints.

Notes on paintings in these sales

There are few restrictions on paintings included in these sales other than by the quality of the artist’s work and the cultural importance of the subject.

Notes on furniture in these sales

The furniture included in these sales are principally oak, walnut and lacquered furniture made between 1600–1730, country and metropolitan furniture including mahogany from the 18th and 19th centuries, items from the revivalist periods and items made by modern masters.

Catalogues for the forthcoming sale in this series

These are produced in hard copy format and online. Most lots are illustrated and where possible this includes details of crucial design elements, signatures, trademarks or hallmarks.

For selected lots

Our cataloguing provides information on the historical background of lots by including information on the history of the traders or designers and craftsmen who brought them about, also where possible by reference to their design precedents or by expanding on the national or international history of their materials.

Condition reports

These are usually available on 3 increasing levels of detailed study to assist our private and trade buyers as well as interior designers who wish to buy remotely.


Thu 9th July 2020

Although we set a date for last entries to sales, sometimes we are able to extend this, subject to catalogue printing lee-ways. Correspondingly, if you have a single or a collection of unusual or valuable items then we will make every effort to include them in the forthcoming sale, subject to it or them being relevant to that sale category.

Forthcoming Auction CATALOGUE

Forthcoming auction catalogues are available up to four weeks prior to the auction sale date. Hard copy catalogues can be purchased by clicking on Buy Catalogue.


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Previous highlights are illustrated below. These are provided in order to demonstrate some of the range of art, artworks and furniture sold through our auctions and their diversity regarding cultures and historical periods. Quality and rarity are communicated within our catalogue descriptions and estimates are included to provide an indication of value range.